The beautiful white castle of Taj Mahal Hotel shines like a priceless pearl near one of the longest expressways of Tehran. The Indian architecture of the hotel reminds everyone of India and Taj Mahal. Little tiny white domes above the building have given a dazzling view of the magnificent structure. The brown gable roof has completed the perfection of the façade.


The aromatic smell of fresh flowers kindly welcomes you right at the moment when the kind doorman opens up the door for you. You step into the lobby and you are immediately relaxed by drowning in the refreshing smell. Then you will come up with the great combination of ancient Persian and Indian design of the place. Carved wooden sofas, leather armchairs, classic black piano, mirror cuts, antique statues, and the low light of the lobby are all the things you will love about Taj Mahal Hotel in the first sight.


If you are on a business trip and you have to conduct a meeting in Tehran, one of the best choices would be the eligible and luxurious stylish Taj Mahal Hotel Conference Room. This charming place has up to 22 capacities and is equipped with modern technology. But surprisingly, these are not the main features of this room. What is most noticeable about this conference room is its decoration with luxury furniture and delicate details. Wooden tables, leader covered couches, two bookshelves full of exquisite books, some dreamy paintings, decorative globes and another piece of furniture and decorative objects that are perfectly placed in a classical design. So if you want to host a prestigious meeting or conference, contact Taj Mahal Hotel to reserve this unique up-to-date room for your business and meeting purposes.


The swimming pool of the hotel is the best place for you to relax after an amazing tour around Tehran. You will relieve your stress and fatigue here and enjoy the cleanness of the place. There are different times separately devoted to men and women. It is Women’s turn from morning to afternoon and from afternoon on, men can use the swimming pool. So you need to check these times before planning to go.


It is true that you are on vacation or maybe a business trip, but it does not mean that you are allowed to stop your daily exercise routines! Don't lose your athletic spirits. If you do, just take a look at Taj Mahal Gym to be motivated again. For you to be in good shape during your stay in Tehran, Taj Mahal Hotel has provided a cozy gym, so you can continue your exercises in the hotel. This place has several types of equipment such as treadmill, abdominal bench, stationary bikes, etc.


The gym is not your only choice for spending the spare time in the hotel. You can use Taj Mahal Hotel Billiard Hall. There are two billiard tables for playing snooker or eight-ball. You can just order your drink, choose music from music player that will suite your moods, and play!